The Atomska spa Gornja Trepca is known outside Serbian borders for the treatment of rheumatic and neurological illnesses, thanking to the unique composition of its water. The spa lies in the southwestern Sumadija region, on the slopes of mountains Vujan and Bukovik, in the gorge section of the Banja River. There is a health track passing through those areas at the altitude of 460 meters, so hikes are an integral part of the treatments in Gornja Trepca. The experts point to the beneficial influence of the mountain air, as well as of the specific magnetic field in that part of Serbia. The mild moderate continental climate that meets the sub-mountainous one, with small oscillations in annual temperatures. The spa is in the wooded region, where dominating are the forests of beech, ash, linden, turkey oak, and on higher altitudes the conifers.

The Atomska spa (atomic spa) Gornja Trepca got its name for the optimum contents of rare elements such as cesium, lithium, strontium, cobalt and uranium in the spa water. It is thermal water with mild radioactive properties, hence the positive effects on human organism. The temperature of the water varies between 27 and 31 degrees centigrade, and it is used in several ways during the physical treatments. All guests are recommended to drink around1.5 liters of this water during the day, as it has shown good results in curing rheumatic, neurological, gastrointestinal and vascular illnesses.

With the privatization, the hospital stationary was renovated in the spa and got the therapeutic block for guests with impeded mobility. Also renovated were dozen bungalows, and the spa has got a wellness center with anti-stress and anti-cellulite programs. This is one of only two medical centers in the country that dispose with a machine used in the treatment of peripheral circulation, along with modern medical equipment for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. One of the biggest qualities of this spa, besides the water, is the expertise of its medical staff and implementation of contemporary treatment methods, especially electro-therapy, kinesis of hydro-therapy.

The increasing number of guest are coming as tourists to the Atomska Spa Gornja Trepca, so they have the opportunity to visit some interesting cultural and historical monuments in the Cacak municipality, such as the church of Holy Mary from the 14th century, the Vujan monastery, or the Ovsarcko-Kablarska gorge, where there are nine monasteries, hence occasional reference to it as the “Serbian Holy Mount”. In summer months, interesting tourist events are organized there, and from the spa one can quickly reach Guca, famous for the trumpet gathering, as well as the village of Prislonica, where Serbia’s best pipe players compete every year.